Changes coming to blog: Stay tuned!

I embarked on several exciting adventures during the past year, and both my ambitions and purpose of this blog have changed considerably. So, throughout the next summer and fall, I will rebrand and relaunch this blog as my professional website, a place to highlight my skillset in communications, design, strategy and storytelling while providing a platform from which to share my aspirations and connect with future collaborators.

These changes are keyed by my move back into the creative communications field after dabbling for a bit in journalism, Peace & Conflict studies, diplomacy, and International Relations, not to mention my evolving understanding of my own personal interests, talents, beliefs, and identity.

Now, my goal is to produce and direct films and other transmedial storytelling projects, a future that is looking more dynamic and exciting every day. In the meantime, I look forward to sharing these changes and my new website as I pursue relevant opportunities.

Stay tuned!

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